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October 14, 2017

I'm back....Much has hap-

pened. I closed my gallery at Sunset Center in August of this year. I had decided about a month bef


12 x 12 results

Really good night at the museum Thursday,  Lots of good art and "Chip Off the Old" (below) received lots of accolades, going for a final bid of $275.  Might have been the top price until someone blew us all out of the  water with a bid of $2000 for Brian Singleton"s painting, "Fumadoro".  Can't complain since the real purpose of any silent auction is to raise money for the cause (museum).  Still, I think I will look this bidder up next year.


AMoA Annual 12 X 12 Exhibition and Silent Auction

Rather than try to explain everything here (as I indicated, I am very lazy about typing,) the details of the event (this Thursday....uh....tomorrow) can be found here:

and here:

 This is the sixth year for the event, and my entry (titled "Chip Off the Old") is shown here


Sept.6, 2012

This is my first entry as a blogger (sounds like something rude if you say it out loud).  I hope to be able to make frequent updates, announcements and bon mots from time to time.  Watch the front page for indications that I have updated.