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October 14, 2017

I'm back....Much has hap-

pened. I closed my gallery at Sunset Center in August of this year. I had decided about a month bef

“Air Traffic”

proposed kinetic sculpture for

Rick Husband International Airport



             With the opening of the newly designed Rick Husband Airport, it became quickly apparent that a new visual appearance in pre existing areas would be needed to unify interior spaces of the building.  Local art should be encouraged as a means to this end; the airport that stood as one of three alternate landing sites for the shuttle program and takes as its namesake one of the true heroes of the space program should itself serve as primary inspiration for such artwork.

            The piece being proposed incorporates clean lines and simple units to achieve a visually complicated interaction which suggests the smooth but complex orchestration of modern air traffic.



             The sculpture will be suspended from four separate steel rods fixed to the ceiling structure/supports.  Fourteen freely cantilevered units of aluminum or stainless steel coated balsa wood (for weight considerations) measuring six by six inches and six feet in length are mounted eccentrically on the rods. Each rotates on its steel rod, with four units on two of the rods and three each on the remaining two. 

            The two rods with matching numbers of units will be set diagonally such that at the center area where units interact, they have two inches of clearance.  The units on adjacent rods will also be staggered to allow two inches clearance above and below as  units pass each other in motion.  This gives the sculpture a potential width of roughly 18 feet two inches on a horizontal diagonal and a vertical height of approximately 30 inches (not including the suspending rods).

            Airport engineers and architects will be consulted regarding certain of the mechanical linkages but at present the concept is to reinforce the shorter end of each unit with steel plate and the pivot points will utilize hemispheric nuts and washers (see diagram).



             At present plans are to locate the piece in the south west corner of the main ticketing area where it will be the first thing arriving passengers see as they pass through that space.

computer generated model superimposed on site photo